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Unfortunately, many motorcycle riders don't understand the importance of Dyno tuning a bike. By allowing a professional to experience your bike as if it were on the road, we can make the necessary adjustments to enhance the performance of your bike.

Dyno tuning allows for a more responsive and more powerful ride. It also gives the rider more torque, more horsepower, and lowers popping during deceleration.


Here at Bone Breaker Performance, We Offer Custom Dyno Tuning On Our New 250-Dynojet With Brake.

  • Eddy Current Power Absorption Technology (Brake)
  • Winpep 7 (7.5.2 Software)
  • Dual Wideband 02-Sensor Range 10.3-23.01 6-Wire Heating Self Calibrating.
  • Atomspheric sensing

Our Dynojet has the software to tune: TTS-Thunder Max-PV3/PV5-Power Vision-SE Tuner Ect....

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